Sulphonated Naphthalene Formaldehyde

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    China Giant concrete admixtures additive Sulphonated Naphthalene Formaldehyde is a high range water reducer, commonly referred to as a superplasticizer, also named Naphthalene Sulfonate Formal dehyde Condensate (NSF), SNF, PNS, etc..

    China Giant concrete admixtures is made of naphthalene, sulfonic acid, formaldehyde and alkali, through sulphuration, hydrolyzation, condensation and neutralization reaction. China Giant concrete admixtures contains no chloride. Thus, it meets the requirements of chemical admixture specifications for concrete: ASTM C 494, Type F; ASTM C 1017, GB8076-1997 and GB50119-2003.


    1.China Giant concrete admixtures produces concrete with extremely workable characteristics referred to as high slump.

    2.China Giant concrete admixtures also allows concrete to be produced with very low water/cement ratios at low or normal slumps.

    3.China Giant concrete additive admixtures is ideal for use in prestress, precast, bridge deck or any concrete where it is desired to keep the water/cement ratio to a minimum and still achieve the degree of workability necessary to provide easy placement and consolidation.

    4.China Giant concrete admixtures will also fluidize concrete, making it ideal for tremie concreting or other applications where high slumps are desired.

    5.China Giant concrete admixtures is compatible with Portland Cement, Normal Portland cement, Portland Slag Cement, Fly-ash Cement, Portland Pozzolanic Cement, etc.


    6.China Giant concrete admixtures produces high slump flowable concrete with no loss in strength.

    7.China Giant concrete admixtures produces low water/cement ratio concrete and therefore, high strengths.

    8.China Giant concrete admixtures in prestress/precast work, can be used to substantially reduce or eliminate the high energy requirements of external heat for accelerated curing.

    9.China Giant concrete admixtures concrete, even at high slump, exhibits no significant segregation in comparison to concrete without a super-plasticizer at the same slump.

    10.China Giant concrete admixtures aids in rapid discharge of concrete from truck mixers thereby reducing on the job time and improving mixer utilization.

    Properties, Features, & Characteristics

    (1) Visual Appearance: Light brown powder. Non-poisonous, odorless, non-flammable and non-corrosive to steel bars.

    (2) Remarkable Plasticity: As a condition of blending where amount of cement and collapsibility are fixed aforehand, mixing water can be decreased by 10-30% when it is mixed with reinforced concrete at 0.3-1.5%.

    (3) Improve miscibility of concrete amalgamator with water and collapsibility as well. As a condition of equivalent blending, collapsibility can be increased.


    China Giant concrete admixtures Sodium Naphthalene Sulfonate is for high water reducing complies with the requirements of the following standards: ASTM C 494, Type E & F. BS EN 934-2.2.technical cooperation services on heatless and automatic system for export to Sudan,Pakistan,Africa,middle east,Brazil,South Africa,Mexico,Angola,Algeria,Morocco,UAE,ect.

    China Giant Concrete Admixtures and Concrete Additive Types as Follows:

    Type A—Water-reducing admixtures & additive,

    Type B—Retarding admixtures & additive,

    Type C—Accelerating admixtures & additive,

    Type D—Water-reducing and retarding admixtures & additive,

    Type E—Water-reducing and accelerating admixtures & additive,

    Type F—Water-reducing, high range admixtures & additive,

    Type G—Water-reducing, high range, and retarding admixtures & additive.

    Type H—High range water-reducing, high range, and retarding admixtures & additive.

    Type I—High range retarding admixtures & additive

    TypeJ—Water-reducing, high range, and retarding admixtures & additive.

    TypeK—China Giant concrete admixtures Water-reducing, high range, and retarding admixtures & additive.

    TypeL—China manufacture Water-reducing, high range, and retarding admixtures & additive.

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