The key ingredient of environmentally friendly plasticizers is a new type of environmental protection and safety plasticizer that is purified from a variety of green plants and then converted into a new type of plasticizer under the action of a series of metal catalysts. More and more people know about the advent of plasticizers, but they are not very familiar with the ingredients of environmentally friendly plasticizers. Let me explain the main components of environmentally friendly plasticizers in detail. .



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1. The research and development of environmentally friendly plasticizers in the world is significantly behind the needs of production and life. Among the ingredients of environmentally friendly plasticizers, it is found that common plasticizers in industrial production include phthalate diester and dioctyl phthalate It is a new type of environmentally friendly plasticizer, which is purified from a variety of green plants and converted into a new type of environmentally friendly plasticizer by esterification under the effect of a series of metal catalysts.

2. Plasticizer is one of the plastic masterbatches in global production and consumption. my country has become the country with the largest plasticizer production and consumption in East Asia. With the improvement of environmental protection awareness around the world, the pharmaceutical industry And food packaging materials, daily necessities, small toys and other plastic products have clearly put forward higher purity and hygiene requirements for the main plasticizer DOP.

3. At this stage, the main plasticizers produced by Chinese companies cannot consider environmental protection regulations in terms of many characteristics, especially environmental sanitation. EU countries and Ukraine have successively found some plastics originating in my country from the plastic toys purchased from China. Polyethylene plasticized N-diisononyl phthalate and diethylhexyl phthalate were found in toys.

4. Plasticizer is a preservative that improves the flexibility of raw materials or the vaporization of raw materials. Its addition targets include plastics, concrete, drywall raw materials, concrete and plaster of paris. The same plasticizer is often used on different targets, but its actual effect is usually not the same.

5. There are more than 100 types of plasticizers, but the most widely used is a group of chemicals called phthalates. According to the survey of the global plasticizer sales market in 2004, the total output is about 5.5 million tons and is moving towards 6 million tons. Plastics plus plasticizers are produced into finished products with various ductility, soft strength and gloss according to the application and natural environment. The softer plastic products need to be added. more plasticizer.

6. The fresh-keeping bags that are usually used, one is PE raw material without preservatives, but its viscosity is weak; the other is widely used PVC fresh-keeping bags, which have a lot of plasticizers to make PVC materials more and more. Soft and viscous, especially suitable for packaging for fresh delivery.

7. Environmentally friendly plasticizers refer to plasticizers that do not have o-benzene. The cost-effective environmentally friendly plasticizers are colorless and odorless, and can be used in sensitive places such as medical machinery, food packaging materials, and children's toys.

8. Plasticizer for environmental protection, health and safety. The technicality of this product is vacant in the international industry. It is a technological revolution of subversive innovation. The product has good degradability, low volatile matter, no transfer, no penetration, and high plasticization. The advantage of high efficiency is mainly used in industries with high safety factor regulations. Such as medical products infusion bags, blood bags, IV tubes and food packaging materials, fresh-keeping bags, artificial leather products, PVC floor boards, children's toys and other industries.

Above is everything I have read for you guys about what the main ingredients of environmentally friendly plasticizers are.

Post time: Apr-27-2022